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my artwork,hope you enjoy,all my characters are "My" characters,do not steal,i put alot of thought into them ^^


BlackMare234 has started a donation pool!
466 / 1,200
so i can get commisions from people for Sky and get my next membership X),every 100 points i get someone will have a headshot of one of there dogs/wolves or horses :D,character or real

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United States
Okay,i am "Just" now starting to get AES Stable's active,so please note that after i move they will be very active and i will be drawing my characters and stable horses much much more ^^,
you can call me what ever you want as long as its not offensive :) my hobbies include but are not limited to
racing,horse riding,singing,writing,drawing walking with my dog
and i wont put any more because that would be too much things i like to do he he art thieft is not tolerated in in my gallery so do NOT steal
but anyway's leave a comment here and there or fave if you want to or would like too i hope you enjoy my gallery :lol:

Favourite genre of music: rock]pop and a bit of country not too much
Favourite style of art: traditional and photomanip
Favourite cartoon character: spirit]altivo]maximus]khan


Werequinex Import
Werequinex BreedSheet by BlackMare234
Webster reff by BlackMare234
Naomi's Werequinex Prize. by BlackMare234
Angel ref by BlackMare234
Canid NEWEST Reff. 2014 June 4th. by BlackMare234
Birdisian Reff by BlackMare234
Breedsheet is the first example shown. This is also of my own breed ^^. Better breedsheet to come. Images after the breedsheet are Werequinex designs i've done.Specify on what gender you want.And what type of design.
Digero Import
Digero BreedSheet Part 1 by BlackMare234
Digero Import by BlackMare234
Digero Import #1 for LighteningThief by BlackMare234
Digero Mare Import for Cheradongirl952 by BlackMare234
Drazi/Disturbia foal by BlackMare234
Digeromarecustom by BlackMare234
One of my breed,the Digero :),decided it was about time i did this.Anyways,yeah ^^.Specify if you want an unnatural/natural design or not. As well as what gender. Also,i'd like to know wether it would be an OC or a harpg/stable horse.Breedsheet is the first example. The rest are imports i've already done.
FullBody Commission With Complex Bg
Who's Next? by BlackMare234
Keep On Dancing Babe by BlackMare234
Getting out by BlackMare234
Eyes Like The Sea : Comm by BlackMare234
ESS Secret Santa by BlackMare234
Sky/Reshira : BP by BlackMare234
Canine or Equine ^^.no felines please.Additional characters are 10 points more.[this includes riders,you can pay those after the commission is accepted if you have an additional character :)]

Wings : 15 +

Horns : 5 +

Extra Limbs/Heads/Mouths : 10+

accecories like blades/Nose piercings : 5+ more. 
Design Commissions
SOLD by BlackMare234
Ordane Anacora foal by BlackMare234
Weelovelydesigns by BlackMare234
Canid Foal Adopts by BlackMare234
SootyDarkBay : Adopt by BlackMare234
Native American Weird Roan : Adopt by BlackMare234
Might as well xD . 
10 points for one design. 

Please give me a theme or something..i hate going on Nothing xD ,lol.if their are any specific colors you don't want me to use then just tell me ^^.if you want extra's like Horns,Claws,Wings,Extra Limbs/Eyes,Cloven Hooves,Elongated Mouth,Sharp Teeth or different kinds of eyes then just tell me :3.i'd really love if you would specify wether you want a Natural design,or an Unnatural design.Equines and equine creatures only at the moment please :)

Headshot Commissions,Equine and Canine
Grisik Dog WIP by BlackMare234
Discord by BlackMare234
50 Shades of Grey and Green by BlackMare234
Happy Delicious Halloween by BlackMare234
You Fake by BlackMare234
Red Destinations : Comm by BlackMare234
Head Shoots Canine and Equine.Any designs are okay.Specify wether you want a bg or not when requesting one ^^
Equine and Canine Commissions
Odd Mood-Swings by BlackMare234
ZeldaWolf7  YYH Finished by BlackMare234
Deemed Crazy :GA by BlackMare234
Stormy Days Comm by BlackMare234
Gift Two : Naomi by BlackMare234
Gift One : Clock by BlackMare234
Full-Body Commissions, Simple Bg. Examples above.No Complex Nord designs  please. :  ScreenShot bars are optional. Each additional character is 10 points more. [you can pay those after the commission is accepted if you have additional characters for it] Complex marking designs are 10 points more!

Wings : 15 +

Horns : 5 +

Extra Limbs/Heads/Mouths : 10+

accecories like blades/Nose piercings : 5+ more. 

hope that's easy to understand ^^ 
Yeah,you heard me....i'm getting seriously sick of this name and to be honest i sorta wanna start anew,i will be keeping most of my OC's and Stable horses,as well as my breeds and such.My group's will probably be transferred to my new account,whenever i find out what that will be e.o. *shrug*
Got any cool names?Hit me :PI need some idea's!
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Lol,Alright.sound's good.Your quick xD thankyou!
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