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my artwork,hope you enjoy,all my characters are "My" characters,do not steal,i put alot of thought into them ^^

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Artist | Varied
United States
This is now my OC account,Aiming to get another Premie that way my page can look nice again,lol. I have a Skype. HI2,Lioden and then three DA Accounts :3
but anyway's leave a comment here and there or fave if you would like ^^ I don't bite :) . I'm BlackFlame on Lioden and HorseIsle2. my other two DA accounts are ArayianEerieStable,and then OpticalColors


Equine Designs : 1 per order
Uhm..whoisthisgirl by BlackMare234
Design 2 : GA by BlackMare234
Uhm..Dark Adopt Sheet by BlackMare234
Old Halloween Batch by BlackMare234
Request Designs by BlackMare234
Weelovelydesigns by BlackMare234
Will do any sort of design. I prefer you to tell me what theme,colors or thing's You're looking for ^^. Or if you want Natural,or Unnatural. I will do either. If you have any colors you don't like.Please tell! :D 
Canine/Equine Bust : Shaded. : Optional Screenshot
Your Next by BlackMare234
Take It All Away : Take Three by BlackMare234
You Fake by BlackMare234
Will show half of the body. You're choice if it has screenshot bar's or not. ^^. you choose what it says if it does. Will be fully shaded. Unfortunately only have one example right now. 
Full-Body Shaded Canine
Untitled by BlackMare234
Any canine design. Unfortunately only have one example right now. Sorry guy's!
Flat Full Body . No BG : Equine
Design 1 : GA by BlackMare234
Design 2 : GA by BlackMare234
Design 3 : GA by BlackMare234
Beastie2 : PA by BlackMare234
Beastie :PA by BlackMare234
Stash Upload 1 by BlackMare234
Any Equine design ^^. Flat-Colored. Any pose. 
Full Body Simple shaded Abstract BG : Eqiune
Have Hope by BlackMare234
Stand Through The Pain by BlackMare234
Drunk and High Tonight. by BlackMare234
Any Equine Design. Any abstract Background. Specify if you want my normal shading style,or Cell shading :D
Full Body Difficult : Equine
One Step Closer : Comm by BlackMare234
Beauty Of The Night-Lights : Comm by BlackMare234
Beauty Of All Life : AT by BlackMare234
Will accept any equine design :) Difficult background[water,forests,caves,thing's like that]. Feel free to suggest.  Will be completely shaded
Full Body Simple Comms : Equines
Desert Run : YCH : Finished by BlackMare234
Flying High : GA by BlackMare234
Deemed Crazy :GA by BlackMare234
Sky/Reshira : BP by BlackMare234
Equine's Only. Simple Background's. Will be fully shaded. Will accept any design ^^. 
Headshot Commissions,Equine/Canine/Human
Even Creeps Like Holidays : Christmas Gift by BlackMare234
Fill Your Dreams To The Brim With Fright by BlackMare234
My Dog Issy by BlackMare234
Comm:: Beautiful  Nights by BlackMare234
Days Of Blue : Christmas Gift by BlackMare234
Have a very teal christmas : Christmas Gift by BlackMare234
Head Shots Canine,Human and Equine.Any designs are okay.Specify whether you want a simple bg or not when requesting one ^^
I was tagged by naomithewolf 


1. OC Names : :bulletpurple: Robin & Dingo
Robin : OC Card. by BlackMare234  &   Be My Dingo. by BlackMare234    {Notice they are both Sky relatives,rofl.One being one of his first foals,the other being his deceased mother. }

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.

3. Tag five people to do this meme!

4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.


1.What is your name ?
:bulletpurple: Robin. It says it up top.
:bulletblue: My name is Dingo...Everyone seems to laugh at it and I don't know why. 

2.Do you know why you were named that ?
:bulletpurple: Well,from what I know of my parents,they always told me I was as pretty as a Robin. I guess that could be why.
:bulletblue: I'm not sure,I'm said it's a feral dog somewhere I'm never been. {poor guy xD no,it's also an offensive name to some..Probably a good thing he doesn't know that}

3. Are you single or taken ?
:bulletpurple: It depends on who's asking.  
:bulletblue: Single..I guess? I don't travel with anyone much.{Well,that just flew right over his head}

4. Any Abilities or powers  ?
:bulletpurple: Oh honey,like I'd tell You? {Yes,please tell.I'd love to remember >.>}
:bulletblue: Well,I don't really Know what my powers are. I know I'm Fire element though.  

6. What is your eye color ?
:bulletpurple: A Pretty Amber.  
:bulletblue: Amber.Almost orange I guess.  

7. How about your hair color ?
:bulletpurple: Coal Black,I think it's my best attribute besides my eyes. 
:bulletblue:  It's naturally cream,or white I think.Though I've died red and black into it.  

8. Have you got any family members ?
:bulletpurple: I have my daddy.  
:bulletblue:..Not that I know of.. 

9. oh ? How about pets ?
:bulletpurple: No thankyou,too much responsibility {Yet you have kids?..real nice going e.o}
:bulletblue: All my pets seem to die :/.

10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like ?
:bulletpurple: Rude males,if you want something. You gotta woo me and be fun.  
:bulletblue: No,it Isn't cool. It's Sad...I don't like Sad  

11. Do you have any activities/ Hobbies you like to do ?
:bulletpurple: I assume sex isn't a true answer. :} So I'll go with Hiking and Racing. {Well,at least she has other hobbies}
:bulletblue: Well,I like playing tag..and talking to other's. Do those count as hobbies? 

12. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?
:bulletpurple: Maybe a few broken hearts,but I don't like to physically hurt anyone.  
:bulletblue:...yes...I'm ashamed :( 

13. Ever..Killed anyone before ?
:bulletpurple: Besides my prey? Nope. 
:bulletblue:...I guess..I'm not sure what happens..

14. What kind of animal are you ?
:bulletpurple: I am a Digero,a majestic,sleek and royal breed of the deserts . {a little full of herself ,eh?}
:bulletpurple: I'm a horse..Actually,I shift a lot.I like horse form though. 

15. Name your worst habits ?
:bulletpurple: ..I flirt too much :{...
 :bulletblue: ..No one tells me which habits are good or bad,but I'll just guess that my personality is ..cause they always seem to run me off or run away.{xD not the reason,Dingo}

16. Do you look up to anyone at all ?
:bulletpurple: My mother was the sweetest horse I ever knew,and my daddy is the toughest. So,I guess I'll just go with the most generic answer of them all. My parents I do look up to. 
:bulletblue: No..I'm pretty tall..and if you meant 

17. Are you Gay , Straight, or Bisexual ?
:bulletpurple: Straight. Wouldn't have it any other way. 
:bulletblue: I haven't really figured that out yet..I think I'm still considered a virgin. 

18. Do you go to school ?
:bulletpurple: School is for those who have parent's that don't care enough to take discipline and teaching's into their own schedules.  {Don't be such a snob}
:bulletblue: no..

19. Ever wanna get married and have kids ?
:bulletpurple: Already matched and have plenty of kids! His name is Alydar..and I won't waste my breathe telling you all the names of my kids. 
:bulletblue: ..I'm not sure,I don't mind commitment I guess..It just seems like a lot of work to find the "perfect one"..Besides,what if it isn't Truly the perfect one?  

20. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys ?
:bulletpurple: I'm not sure...besides the guy's I hang out with and my Hubby...I doubt it.  
:bulletblue: I'm not sure,I don't think I do.  

21. What are you most afraid of ?
:bulletpurple: I live in the moment,I don't let fear drag me down. 
:bulletblue: Everyone not liking me,Snakes,Smoke,Predators,Humans..Do I have to keep listing?I feel like I'm giving away weaknesses.

22. What do you usually wear ?
:bulletpurple: Nothing,you Like? {uhm..means nothing Robin,you are a horse -.-}
:bulletblue: A bloodstained chain. I found it wrapped around a tree next to some bones...they looked so sad. So I decided to take care of the chain that they had tied to their neck. Maybe they'll be happy that I'm taking care of a prized possession of theirs for them. {I guess he doesn't know a hanging when he see's one e.e } 

23. What's one food that tempts you ?
:bulletpurple: I'm not really much of an eater..although Alydar is >.>.I feel like he's trying to make me fat when he tells me to try something. 
:bulletblue: I like food, a lot. Any of it tempts me. 

24. Am I annoying you ?
:bulletpurple: Nah,I was bored anyways.  
:Bulletblue: Not at all :3 

25. Well, it's not over yet !
:bulletpurple: ..e.o. Ohkay... 
:bulletblue: Oh good! 

26. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class ?
:bulletpurple: :D I'm perfectly High Class.  
:bulletblue: ..I feel that a class?.. 

27. How many friends do you have ?
:bulletpurple: I try to be friends with everyone I meet. 
:bulletblue: None :{ 

28. Any thoughts on pie ?
:bulletpurple: It's good,but not something I'd consider to be a prize-winning food.  
:bulletblue:...I'm not sure what that is.  

30. Favorite drink ?
:bulletpurple: Any kind of Alcohol. 
:bulletblue: I think they are all nice,though I guess I am a fan of a thing called Applejuice...sadly it isn't really common around here. 

31.What's your favorite place ?
:bulletpurple: Anywhere with water,I specifically love oceans and large lakes. 
:bulletblue: The Cyran Canopies. They are a nice place. It's very quiet one judges you or scares you away. And it has a lot of nice thing's to eat! ^-^

32. Are you interested in anyone ?
:bulletpurple: Have you Not seen my answers up there? 
:bulletblue:...I don't think anyone would like me.

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size ?
:bulletpurple: Sorry darling,but I don't swing the human way ;}
:bulletblue:..i'm a boy.  

34. Would you rather swim in a ocean or a lake ?
:bulletpurple: Ocean,without a doubt.  
:bulletblue: Oh neither! they could be Filled with dangerous things...though if I had to choose,I think I'd choose Lake. 

35. What's your type ?
:bulletpurple: Hmm...Muscular..brown,bay or chocolaty.  I like curly hair,but it isn't a must. I love a guy with some fancy markings and bright eyes against a dark coat. 
:bulletblue: My type....? Blood type?....Body type?....I'm not sure what you want me to say..

36. Any fetishes ?
:bulletpurple: None that I'm willing to tell a stranger about
:bulletblue: What's a fetish?  

37. Seme or Uke ?
:bulletpurple:....I'm not really sure what this means 
:bulletblue: If this is about glitter..then no thanks. I think I'd be made fun of a little more for that.

38. Camping or indoors ?
:Bulletpurple: Camping all the way! 
:bulletblue: Well....Camping is nice and all...but I think indoor''s safer. 

39. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end ?
:bulletpurple: I don't mind,I like talking.
:bulletblue: No,I don't get much time around other's. 

40. Tag 5 other people.
1. NaporieRizia
2. luvbutt
3. 17mndrake
4. LightningTheif
5. FallenClockwork

Struggled to find enough people for this xD . Rofl.I need to be more sociable!

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